Admission to doctoral degree programmes

If you have finished your dissertation, you can apply for admission to a doctoral degree programme. You submit your application either in person or by post to the Doctoral Degree Office in the Dean’s Office at the Faculty of Medicine.

In applying for admission, you must submit the following documents to the Doctoral Degree Office:

  • informal application for admission or provisional admission to a doctoral degree programme, stating your desired final qualification, supervisor and the institution in which the dissertation was produced
  • registration form for doctoral candidates
  • proof of having completed a Kiel-based degree programme lasting at least two semesters
  • a copy of the Doctoral Degree Agreement (if not already submitted)
  • an academic résumé
  • a copy of your licence to practise medicine (Approbationsurkunde) (if available)
  • a copy of your state medical/dental examination certificate (for provisional admission: admission to a practical year/evidence you are in your last academic year, for dentistry students/according to the new regulation on licensing doctors (Approbationsordnung, AO): evidence of passing the second part of the state medical examination)
  • a certificate of good conduct issued by the police, no older than six months old (authorised version “0”)
  • two bound copies of the dissertation, as well as the file on CD-R. Attach a clear signed photograph of yourself (passport photo) to the inside of the front cover of each of the two bound copies
  • a copy of a quotable extract from your dissertation or an accepted publication of yours, where you are clearly recognisable as the author or co-author
  • a supervisor’s letter with three recommendations for second referees who are not employed at the same institution as the supervisor
  • agreement of the relevant departmental head of the institution to submit the work as a dissertation to Kiel University's Faculty of Medicine
  • the head of the institution's declaration of agreement to the doctoral candidate’s use of the institution’s academic or clinical facilities