The doctoral degree procedure

Please ensure that you submit all documents required for registration and admission to the doctoral degree procedure to the Dean’s Office. Incomplete or unreadable applications/registrations will be returned without exception.



Documents and information sheets to download:
Doctoral Degree Agreement (please fill out electronically)
Confidentiality Agreement (german)
Doctoral Candidate`s Guidelines (information on the procedure)
Doctoral Degree Guideline (information on writing the dissertation)
Application for admission to the doctoral degree examination (please fill out electronically)
Template for title page
Declaration of consent of the head of the institution (template)
Submission of obligatory copies

Please note that if you have worked with patient data, a documentation according to Art. 30 DSGVO is required. Here you will find a template as well as the contact details of our data protection representative.


Here you will find all the information you need on the structure of doctoral degrees:

Structure of the “Dr. med./ Dr. med. dent.” doctoral degree procedure

The procedure usually lasts around eight to ten months. We will automatically inform you in writing of the acceptance of your dissertation, required amendments or missing documents. Please understand that, in the majority of cases, it is not possible to answer interim telephone enquiries on the status of the procedure.

1. Registration: In accordance with Section 5 of the Doctoral Degree Regulations, doctoral dissertations must be registered at Kiel University’s Faculty of Medicine when submitting a dissertation subject. You must be enrolled at Kiel University for at least two semesters before you can submit your dissertation and apply for admission to the doctoral degree examination.

2. Application for admission: If your finished dissertation meets the approval of the supervisor, you submit all documents (refer to the Doctoral Candidate’s Guidelines for notes on this) to the Dean’s Office. This then marks the start of your doctoral degree procedure.

3. The examiner’s report: We request the PhD supervisor’s report directly from him/her. It can also, however, be submitted by you. The PhD supervisor must submit recommendations for three second referees to the Dean’s Office. From these, the Chair of the Doctoral Degree Committee will select one second referee. He/she will receive the second copy of your dissertation to produce the second report.

4. The assessment of your doctoral thesis can take some time, but we automatically send referees a reminder after 4 weeks.

5. Doctoral Degree Committee: As soon as both reports are presented, we forward the dissertation onto the Doctoral Degree Committee. The Doctoral Degree Committee deals with all pending dissertations and determines proposed grades on the basis of the submitted reports and the Faculty’s assessment criteria. You will be informed in writing of any required amendments.

6. Display period: The dissertations recommended for acceptance by the Doctoral Degree Committee are then presented to the Faculty Chair of the Doctoral Degree Committee for final acceptance. The dissertations must then be displayed for inspection for a further 14 days.

7. Oral examination/defence of the doctoral thesis (disputation): Following the official completion of the written doctoral degree procedure, the Dean´s Office will inform you in writing of the examination chair person with whom you are to arrange a date for an oral doctoral degree examination. You then organise the examination date yourself.

8. Publication: After passing the oral doctoral degree examination, you must submit a certain number of obligatory copies (publication of the dissertation by the University Library). As soon as the University Library has confirmed the correct submission of your obligatory copies to the Dean’s Office, your Doctoral Degree Certificate will be issued to you.

The doctoral degree procedure is then complete.