Department of Anesthesiology and Surgical Intensive Care

Acting Director:

  • Prof. Dr. Markus Steinfath

In the Department of Anesthesiology and Surgical Intensive Care the most modern anaesthetic technology is used for approximately 24,000 anaesthetics administered annually. Surgical intensive care is delivered using all organ replacement procedures, ground-based and airborne emergency medicine in Kiel and the surrounding areas and outpatient and hospital pain medicine and palliative medicine with a 24 hour acute pain service are provided by the physicians in the Department.

The Department of Anesthesiology and Surgical Intensive Care is also very actively involved in scientific research. The focus is on the investigation of molecular mechanisms in anaesthetics, organ protection, resuscitation, monitoring and the development of innovative ventilation techniques and functional imaging of the lungs and sepsis.

The Department's primary teaching objective is to introduce the subject of anaesthetics to students, including all its important branches and to show the versatility of this subject. It is taught through lectures in the subject of anaesthesiology, overlapping areas with emergency medicine, health economics, infection biology and ethics and the optional subjects of pain treatment, palliative medicine and the neuromuscular system. In addition, the Department participates in an interdisciplinary examination course and offers simulation training with the use of medical treatment procedures in complex cases.