Department of Applied Cell Therapy


  • Prof. Dr. Fred Fändrich

The Department of Applied Cell Therapy is involved in the development of new, individualised forms of treatments for use in the future. Its three main medical areas of application are: (i) immunotherapy of autoimmune diseases (ii) the use of autologous cellular products for the regeneration of degenerative tissue and vessels and (iii) the immunotherapy of malignant tumours.

The cellular products are derived from autologous monocyte cells, which are reinjected into the patient, after cellular programming in the GMP laboratory. This form of personalised - patient centred - treatment aims to treat the cause both preventively and causally. Diseases characterised by chronic inflammation are a particular area of focus for future treatment concepts.

These innovative approaches are needed in response to the demographic evolution of western industrialised nations, with significantly longer life expectancies and decreasing birth rates. This is leading to greater cost pressures in the health system, which is generating more demand for preventive and causal treatment strategies.

The Faculty of Medicine and the UKSH have responded to this development by setting up the Department of Applied Cell Therapy. Pre-clinical and initial clinical research findings of this translational application research are used to develop innovative cell-based forms of treatment for the future, in collaboration with other specialist clinics and industrial partners. The objective is that patients will be able to benefit from this research in the future.