Department of Congenital Heart Disease and Paediatric Cardiology


  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Heiner Kramer

The Department of Congenital Heart Disease and Paediatric Cardiology is one of the oldest German clinics for the treatment of patients with congenital heart conditions, from neonates to adults. The Department is in the top 5 international centres for the treatment of the most severe congenital heart condition, hypo plastic left heart syndrome.

Research activities at the Department are involved in prospective studies that focus on this unique type of patient group. In 2009, a collaborative study of molecular genetics was begun with the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin. Due to the severe implications of a dysfunction in the right ventricle in different heart conditions and the urgent need for early detection of its impact on the intrinsic ventricular function, diagnostic techniques are used on studies of diverse congenital heart diseases.  An animal laboratory is used in cooperation with cardiac surgery to investigate and define intervention techniques for congenital heart diseases.