Department of General and Thoracic Surgery


  • Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Becker

The Department of General and Thoracic Surgery was founded in 1862 and covers the entire spectrum of abdominal and thoracic surgery using the most up-to-date surgical techniques. As it provides state-of-the-art care, its main focus areas are in the oncological treatment of gastrointestinal tumours, the surgical treatment of peritoneal carcinosis and bronchial carcinoma. Minimally invasive surgery, endocrine surgery and bariatric surgery are firmly established speciality areas. Transplant surgery (kidneys, pancreas, liver, small intestine) and liver tissue transplants from living donors in children and adults represent another area of focus.

Research is concentrated on oncology and transplantation medicine. Research is also conducted on the mechanisms at the origin of tumour conditions and intervention strategies. Research into the regeneration and tolerance induction of organ transplants is another focus area.