Department of Nuclear Medicine

Acting Director:

  • PD Dr. med. Ulf Lützen

The Department of Nuclear Medicine was set up as an independent department with a professorship in 1991. It is a maximum care hospital located in the Karl-Lennert Comprehensive Cancer Center and integrated with the UKSH Onkologisches Zentrum (Oncology Centre).

The Department is equipped with the latest camera systems including hybrid devices for nuclear medical diagnostics and treatment using open radioactive materials and radio-pharmaceuticals. The Department also has its own radio chemistry/pharmacy fitted with fully modern equipment, and a GMP area. It thereby offers the entire spectrum of nuclear medicine diagnostics and treatment.
In the Krebszentrum Nord/Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Department of Nuclear Medicine has a treatment ward with eight beds and two other interdisciplinary beds. The main indication for treatment with open radioactive materials is benign and malignant thyroid disorders. The main focus in outpatient care is thyroid diagnostics taking functional imaging into consideration using scintigraphy and morphological anatomical imaging using the latest ultrasound diagnostics. An MRT device is also available.
The subject of Nuclear Medicine with the other disciplines in radiology (radiation therapy / radio-oncology and diagnostic radiology including neuro-radiology) are integrated into student teaching. In addition to curricular lectures in the eighth semester, students complete a practical in the ninth semester. Lecturers also offer supplementary lectures and practicals for students on a voluntary basis.
Research is focused on the development and improvement of new and existing radio pharmaceuticals and radio tracers. Scientists also develop computer-aided evaluation programs for morphological and functional imaging. Other research interests are the treatment of thyroid disorders using radioactive materials and work in the field of radiation protection. The Department of Nuclear Medicine supports a large number of regional, national and international clinical trials.