Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy


  • Prof. Dr. med. Kamila Jauch-Chara

The Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy has been part of the Zentrum für Integrative Psychiatrie (ZIP, Centre for Integrative Psychiatry), since 2004,  a subsidiary of the UKSH. Clinical healthcare patients are provided with the full range of diagnostic and treatment facilities available in modern psychiatry, based on a principle of disorder-specific, evidence based practice within inpatient, day ward and outpatient settings.

The following disorders are specifically treated here: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder, somatoform disorder, cognitive disorders and dementia, internal and neuro-psychiatric sleep disorders, addiction and dependency. Consultative care of patients at the UKSH with co-morbidities is an important aspect of the work of the treating physicians.

A clinical and animal experiment sleep laboratory is used to investigate the research areas of sleep and neuroplasticity. Supported by the CRC 654, scientists examine the connection between sleep and memory. Other areas of interest are the neurobiological aspects of stem cell research and psychotherapy research, in particular in the field of post-traumatic stress disorders.

It co-operates nationally as part of the CRC 654 with the universities of Lübeck und Tübingen and the Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine in Göttingen and the Institute of Clinical Psychology at the University of Konstanz. Internationally it has links with the Scripps Clinic & Research Foundation in the field of induced pluripotent stem cells.