Department of Human Genetics

Director across campuses (Kiel and Lübeck):

  • Prof. Dr. med. Malte Spielmann

Human genetics and the understanding of the genetic basis of biological processes and congenital diseases are developing rapidly. Current knowledge and the latest technologies provide the basis for human genetic counselling and for modern diagnostics of genetic diseases.

The Department of Human Genetics, together with the associated MVZ, provides specialist human genetic care for Schleswig-Holstein. This includes the complete spectrum of modern human genetics: genetic counselling, molecular genetics, cytogenetics and molecular cytogenetics, somatic tumour cytognetics and pre-implantation diagnostics (PGD).

Research of the Department of Human Genetics focuses on the investigation of the role of non-coding mutations and structural variants as causes of human diseases and the identification of new disease genes in malformation and retardation syndromes.

In addition to the curricular training of students of medicine as well as biochemistry/molecular biology and Medical Life Sciences, the Department of Human Genetics also offers full specialist training as a medical specialist in human genetics for physicians and as a specialist human geneticist for natural scientists.