Institute of Experimental Medicine


  • Prof. Dr. John Baines - Evolutionary Genomics
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Ehlers - Molecular Inflammation Medicine
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Kaleta - Medizinische Systembiologie
  • PD Dr. Andreas Koch - Maritime Medicine Division
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Tholey (spokesperson) - Systematic Proteomics

The Institute of Experimental Medicine (IEM) at Kiel University was established as part of the "Inflammation at Interfaces" Excellence Initiative and recently expanded to include a working group for ethics in medical science.

This group deals with a large number of duties in the area of research and teaching. The content and methodological orientation of the group is an important interface  between experimental and translational research and therefore between the laboratory and the clinic. As a result, the IEM operates as part of the research specialism "age-related mechanisms in the manifestation of diseases" spanning the three profile areas of inflammation, neurology and oncology.

The IEM's thematic focus is on investigations of influences known as "environmental factors" on the pathophysiology and pathogenesis of illnesses (including chronic inflammations, infections, autoimmune diseases and cancers). In other words, the influence of micro and macro milieus on the human organism.