Institute of Forensic Medicine


  • Prof. Dr. med. Johanna Preuß-Wössner

The first Institute of Forensic Medicine in Kiel was established in 1906 and was located in the Department of Pathology. The Institute of Forensic Medicine has been located in its own building since 1964. In 2000 the Institutes of Forensic Medicine in Kiel and Lübeck were merged and supply the public health system, the police and justice system in all of Schleswig-Holstein with forensic medical services. This includes autopsies, injury assessments, post-mortems, toxicological and DNA testing.

The main research focus is on the investigation of the ageing process at a molecular biological and protein level, the effects and genetics of drugs and the issue of "Medical Malpractice Errors and Iatrogenic Damage". The Institute of Forensic Medicine is a founding member of the Graduate School 'Human Development in Landscapes' of Kiel University.