Institute of General Practice


  • Prof. Dr. med. Hanna Kaduszkiewicz

The Institute of General Practice is supervised by eleven lecturers (since the winter semester 2010/2011), who are responsible for training students in the 9th, 10th and 11th semesters. The main task of the university lecturers in general practice is to teach medical students the special conditions of basic care as a general practitioner. Students therefore have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with typical patients in general practice, under real conditions.

The range of lectures on offer in general practice is also expanded and enriched by several lectures delivered by guest lecturers. There are 80 academic teaching clinics available for the practical block and practical year.

The teaching of general practice is the important link between university medicine and basic health care for the general population. It is therefore very important as more than 50 percent of German people attend their family doctor at least once a year.