Institute of Physiology


  • Prof. Dr. Markus Bleich
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Baukrowitz
  • Prof. Dr. Peer Wulff

The Institute of Physiology was established in 1853 and today it has an extremely high capacity infrastructure.

The current main research units are the Physiology of Membrane Transport, the Physiology of Ion Channels including regulation by membrane lipids and Systemic Neurobiology. Scientists in the Institute of Physiology are closely linked with the Cluster of Excellence 'The Future Ocean' and many well-known research laboratories throughout the world.

The Institute of Physiology's teaching is of an equally high importance as its research. The institute operates a PC lab for pre-clinical students and is significantly involved in the faculty's E-Learning projects.

Forschungsgruppe Medizinische Klimatologie (Research Group in Medical Climatology)

Head of the Research Group:

  • Prof. Dr. Carsten Stick

The Medizinische Klimatologie (Medical Climatology) Research Group with a field office in Westerland on the Island of Sylt investigates climate factors that are relevant to humans. Measurement of solar ultra-violet radiation is a main research area here. In addition to long-term analyses on the question of whether UV radiation changes over time, measurements are performed that take into account the geometry of the surface of the human body and the sensitivity of skin. Modern spectral radiometers are available for this purpose. The energy metabolised during physical activity is also investigated and research is conducted into toughening up and recovery when staying in a maritime climate.