The Kiel Oncology Network (KON) was established in 2013 with the goal of linking the research activities of basic and clinically-orientated oncology researchers and promoting cooperation between them. As such, KON incorporates expertise from different specialities involved in cancer research and care, including tumour biology, genetics and epigenetics, immunology, pharmacology, pathology, structural biology as well as modern medical imaging. By utilizing such a multidisciplinary approach KON's vision is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the important steps in tumour evolution, as well as resistance mechanisms in cancer treatment. This knowledge could provide a basis for the development of innovative diagnosis and treatment strategies, to decisively improve the prognosis for and survival of cancer patients.

As part of Kiel Life Science, a cross-faculty interdisciplinary partnership including all life sciences researchers at Kiel University, all projects in the KON interdisciplinary network share the central vision of Kiel Life Science – to develop new perspectives to better understand the transition from health to disease in the context of our environment.

KON combines a broad spectrum of expertise and research activities from various theoretical and clinical institutions in Kiel. These activities largely consititute  the oncology research profile of the Faculty of Medicine at Kiel University, and is closely linked with the Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) North. In addition, integrating oncology researchers from other faculties at Kiel University is planned.

Education and further training
KON not only aims to promote scientific exchange and intensive cooperation between basic and clinically-orientated oncology researchers, but also offers an attractive and stimulating environment for young scientists (medical students, Master's students, doctoral candidates). As such, we strive to constantly expand and improve our education and further training programme.

An overview of the courses related to oncology offered by the Faculty of Medicine at Kiel University can be found on their website as well as on the CCC North website.

Kiel Oncology Network Seminar
In order to promote scientific exchange between the KON scientists, and to provide a communication platform also for young scientists, the Kiel Oncology Network Seminar takes place every two weeks (Tuesdays, 5-6pm, Karl-Lennert-Krebscentrum). This provides an ideal opportunity to present and discuss current research results from the various KON groups on an interdisciplinary basis.

The current seminar timetable is available here.

Here you will find a flyer about KON.