Practical Year (PJ)

According to Section 10 of the study regulations, medical students spend one tertial of the practical year in a centre of maximum care such as the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) and one tertial in a centre of standard care such as one of the academic teaching hospitals or the faculty's general medicine teaching practices.

A practical year abroad

The Faculty of Medicine supports students who wish to complete the third tertial abroad, as the Faculty considers it very important for students to familiarise themselves with a different health system.

If you require a letter of recommendation and a list of your examination results for your application for a practical year abroad, you can receive them from the Dean’s Office of Education on submission of a valid confirmation of student status and the certificate for the first part of the state medical examination.
Please be aware that: The Landesamt für soziale Dienste (National Office for Social Services) only recognises tertials that were completed in partner/selected foreign clinics. This is to ensure that the level of training abroad is comparable with that in Germany. For recognition of the practical year please go to the Dean’s Office of Education with your letter of invitation from abroad to obtain a letter of endorsement from this Office.

Scholarship for a practical year abroad

The faculty supports the completion of a tertial abroad, as it is considered very important for students to become familiar with a different health system. 15 scholarships of 16 weeks each are available for this purpose every year.

Practical year evaluation with full certification of the tertials

Once the three practical year tertials have been completed, you arrange a date for evaluation of your practical year with Cornelia Reim in the Dean’s Office of Education, so that you can receive an overall certificate for the practical year. Please bring the three coat pocket books (Kitteltaschenhefte) and the individual tertial certifications to the evaluation. The evaluation is used to improve teaching standards and to further recommend the clinics participating in the practical year abroad in order to benefit future students.

According to Section 2 (1) of Kiel University's rules on evaluation, the evaluation of studies and teaching has no staff-related consequences. For that reason, any contributions where persons are mentioned by name will be deleted. Please keep this in mind when you are completing your free text section. Your questionnaire is completed when you send the Evasys form and is combined with the all the answers to a survey question, to which all free text answers are attached. This ensures that anonymity is maintained. Please pay attention to the heading of your survey, in which the field of your tertial for evaluation is shown once more. A high rate of participation guarantees meaningful evaluation results. The results of the evaluation are available in the OLAT course "PJ-Evaluation" under the tab Lernressourcen/Katalog/Medizinische Fakultät.