Second part of studies

In the second part of studies, students put together their own schedule. To do this, they register within a 3 day period for courses (schedules and explanations) in the following semester.

When selecting courses, you should prioritise selecting those from your own semester, so that it is possible to complete the curriculum as planned. If you cannot follow the curriculum please consult the Dean’s Office of Education. Exceptions may be made for students who are working on a time-consuming dissertation, who are completing a semester abroad or who cannot follow the curriculum for personal reasons. Students with children are given preferential places, if they register in the Dean’s Office of Education within the registration period.

After the registration period is finished, the Dean’s Office of Education produces the list of participants taking priority choices into consideration and forwards this to the departments. Not every registration will receive a place. It is possible for participants to be transferred to a group on a different day.

Most written assessment take place during one week at the end of each semester. The written assessments for all semesters for all course certificates are held without any overlaps. You can view the assessment results using the web service.