Why study Medicine in Kiel?

Students examining a patient.    Students examine how to make a plaster cast.
Photos: F. Siemers, Copyright: MF (CAU)

There are many good reasons why to study Medicine in Kiel. Medical Licensing regulations decide what we teach, but we decide how we teach it.

Three things are particularly important:

  • a friendly atmosphere with close contact between students and teachers
  • more consistent emphasis on practical use and application of the studies
  • modern teaching and learning methods

Our Mentoring programme - a network of students from all semesters as well as lecturers - supports, makes suggestions and shares experiences.

Practical focus to us means that you learn clinical case studies as early as the first semester, that illustrate the scientific principles being taught.

Our E-Learning platform makes it possible to follow and repeat practical material - online and web-based, with teaching videos and fascinating animations.