Innovative Teaching Methods

Below is an overview of selected innovative forms of teaching and assessment at our faculty.

E-Learning, Blended Learning

Our faculty has been involved in the integration of current forms of computer based learning in the curriculum for nearly 30 years. This began with the award winning development of computer programs as an alternative to animal testing in the physiology lab course (Deutscher Hochschul-Softwarepreis, 1990) and continued with the support of Phasical Examination courses with e-learning modules ("KliFO" project, medida prix finalist 2007) right up to the current approach to supporting communication training (doctor-patient dialogues) through E-Learning (Project "ProfKom"). If you wish to use digital media in your teaching, you will find more information and contacts here.

Audience Response Systems (TED in lessons)

These systems are well-known from audience surveys in TV quiz shows and can be used in a variety of useful ways in teaching, in particular during lectures. If you are interested in finding out more about how to integrate them in your teaching, please contact Prof. Hans-Jürgen Wenz or Dr. Gudrun Karsten at the KiMed Zentrum für Medizindidaktik. For technical questions contact Leona Kruse at the Office of the Dean of Studies.

Skills Lab

The KiMed Skills Lab is a central facility in the faculty for the training of practical medical skills. If you would like to use it for your lessons please see here.

Standardised patients (Actor patients)

There are many reasons and options for using specially trained professional and amateur actors as patients for teaching and examination purposes. We use them in practical examinations (see below) for many years and increasingly for teaching purposes. Want to find out more? Please contact Dr. Gudrun Karsten.

New forms of assessment

Multiple choice questions are probably the most frequently used form of examination in medicine. But they are not the sole method. The OSCE (objective structured clinical examination) has also been set up at our faculty for the standardised examination of practical skills. There are many other forms of assessment in addition. Please talk to the team at the Zentrum für Medizindidaktik.

Mentoring Programme

Are you currently teaching at our faculty and enjoy working with our students? Then maybe you might enjoy becoming a mentor in our mentoring programme.