Doctoral degree scholarships

Once a year the Faculty of Medicine grants ten of its students a scholarship of €600.00 for 9 months as financial support for experiment-based dissertations produced in doctoral degree programmes. The scholarship is awarded prior to completion of the degree only (please note the rules on registering for the doctoral degree procedure).

If you wish to apply for a scholarship, please send the requested documents to the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Medicine. Candidates are selected by the Doctoral Degree and Research Committee.

Applications must arrive by 5 January for the funding period starting on 1 May
Applications must arrive by 5 June for the funding period starting on 1 November

Requirements and Rules:

The requirements and rules were currently revised and will be availiable soon. Thank you for your understanding.


Further possibilities for financial support during dissertation procedure:

Doctoral degree scholarship of CRC 877

Doctoral degree scholarship of RTG 1743

Federal State Funding at Kiel University