The Faculty of Medicine’s approach to equality

The Faculty of Medicine has six Equality Officers. They are involved in recruitment and appointment processes and work together with the Equality Committee to draw up strategies and measures to promote female academics. Like Kiel University as a whole, the Faculty of Medicine in Kiel strives to increase its proportion of women employed at all levels of qualification, but with a focus on female academics qualified to doctoral and professorial level.

Equality Officers

There are six women working part-time as Equality Officers at the Faculty of Medicine: further information

Equality Committee

The Faculty of Medicine’s Equality Committee develops strategies for equality between men and women within the faculty and measures to eliminate existing disadvantages for the faculty’s female members. The Equality Committee also supports the part-time Equality Officers in their work.

Career promotion for female academics

The proportion of female members of Kiel University’s Faculty of Medicine drops sharply beyond doctoral level. The Faculty of Medicine’s aim is to support female academics especially in this phase of their career planning and so it offers them the following services: further information