Career promotion for female academics

The proportion of female members of Kiel University’s Faculty of Medicine drops sharply beyond doctoral level. The Faculty of Medicine’s aim is to support female academics especially in this phase of their career planning and so it offers them the following services:

  • Targeted support for female academics through what is known as intramural research funding:
    In 2009 six rotational positions were established to release dedicated female academics either fully or partially from day-to-day clinical tasks. This is to enable them to focus on research for periods of a year at a time. A set percentage of these rotational positions are reserved specifically for women.
  • Faculty fund for equality measures:
    The Faculty of Medicine provides female academics with subsidies for conference trips and advanced training, as well as subsidies which allow them to invite female guest academics and female advisors to Kiel. These subsidies total  € 5,000 per year.
  • Dual career funding:
    Within the framework of spouse recruiting, the Faculty of Medicine provides initial funding or job opportunities to partners of employees of the Faculty of Medicine, if they are also academics or public-sector university employees. The aim of this is to enable partners to establish a professional future for themselves in Kiel, too.
    Family Service of Kiel University
    Welcome Service for newly appointed professors
  • Funding for part-time work at all levels of qualification
  • Involvement of the Faculty of Medicine in the mentoring programme for female academics initiated by the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
  • Creation of family-friendly working conditions:
    For example, the Faculty of Medicine supports the workplace nursery at the UKSH, Campus Kiel. As a result, a certain number of nursery places are reserved for academics of the Faculty of Medicine.
  • mentoring programmes: via:mento. For further information please contact Michaela Dinter