Department of Cardiac and Vascular Surgery


  • Prof. Dr. med. Jochen Cremer

The Department of Cardiac and Vascular Surgery was founded in 1974 with a professorship in Kiel. Prof. Cremer has been the Director since 1998. The Department offers the entire spectrum of adult cardiac surgery and vascular surgery as well as complete surgical treatment of congenital heart diseases. Coronary surgery is a focal area. Full arterial revascularisation and minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass (MIDCAB) (without the need for a heart lung machine) deserve special mention. The programme is completed by conventional or minimally invasive procedures for valve replacement and valve reconstruction.

The thoracic transplant programme was started in 1986, in the Department of Cardiac and Vascular Surgery, with the first heart transplant. Since then it has had an active transplant programme for thoracic organs (heart, lung, heart and lungs) using mechanical cardiovascular support procedures. The Department's experimental research focus is in the field of innovative concepts in endocardial valve surgery in conjunction with tissue engineering of the aortic valve and stent-based mitral valve implants.

It collaborates on an interdisciplinary level with international research groups. A further research focus is currently emerging from clinical care strategies in acute myocardial infarction involving experimental investigations and pharmacological studies.

In addition to curriculum teaching to medical students, the Department of Cardiac and Vascular Surgery also offers complete advanced training to Consultant level in cardiac surgery and to Consultant level in vascular surgery as well as the two year advanced training for internal medicine with the option to graduate Basischirurgie as part of Common Trunk (BDC - basic surgical training). Student Shadowing and Clinical Placements can be arranged by consultation. Elective seminars on current topics are organised on a subject-related basis.