The Ear, Nose and Throat Department


  • Prof. Dr. med. Petra Ambrosch

The Ear, Nose and Throat Department (ENT) is a maximum medical care unit specialising in oncology, rhinology, otology (including interventions with implanted hearing aids and cochlear implants) and plastic reconstructive head and neck surgery. Its expertise in the field of transoral laser microsurgery of malignant tumours of the upper respiratory and digestive tracts is respected and in demand worldwide.

The Department is a member of the Krebszentrums Nord/Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) located at the UKSH. The CCC is run jointly by the Faculties of Medicine at the universities of Kiel and Lübeck. Oncological patients of the Department are cared for in a DKG-certified head and neck tumour centre.

The main research specialities of the ENT are in the field of carcinogenesis associated with the human papillomavirus in head and neck cancers, the investigation of oncological and functional outcomes following transoral laser microsurgery, the investigation of surface lesions on the respiratory epithelium in granulomatosis with polyangitis and other ANCA associated vasculitis, as well as the optimisation of speech processor adjustments in cochlear implants.