Institute of Anatomy


  • Prof. Dr. Ralph Lucius
  • Prof. Dr. Franziska Theilig
  • Prof. Dr. Thilo Wedel

The Institute of Anatomy is responsible for the education of Medicine and Dentistry students, both in the general subject of Anatomy (macroscopy and microscopy) and in Biology for Doctors. In addition, lectures for Pharmacy students take place here. Post-curricular advanced training for doctors is another focus area. They can complete training courses for specific surgical methods at the Centre of Clinical Anatomy, which is equipped with the latest audiovisual technology. At the Center they are also supported in the development and testing of innovative surgical instruments and implants.

Scientific activities at the Center include molecular cell, neuro and tumour biology as well as research into degenerative diseases of the joints and investigations into the development, structure and function of the enteric nervous system.