Research Focus of the Faculty of Medicine

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Photo: J. Haacks, Copyright: CAU                 Photo: C. Urban, Copyright: CAU

Digital Medicine - Recognizing, Understanding, Curing

Due to the progress made in digital information technology, health-related data is recorded, evaluated and used for treatment strategies in ever larger amounts, with a higher resolution and speed. This applies in equal measures to clinical investigations, biomaterial, imaging and functional diagnostics, as well as for planning and carrying out therapies.

With the research focus "Digital Medicine - Recognizing, Understanding, Curing", scientists at the Faculty of Medicine are now pooling their expertise in the institutes and departments into a system-oriented approach: new disease concepts will be generated and reviewed using digital data records. Together with the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein and our external partner institutions, the fields of prevention, early detection, therapy and follow-up care for the benefit of the individual patient will be closely interlinked in a clinically oriented approach through comprehensive data usage. Medical data records in this respect are not just defined tools, but will themselves be aligned with one another in their different structures and contents.