Intramural Research Funding

Each year, the Faculty of Medicine promotes special research projects using funds from the State Funding for Education and Research.

You can submit an application for funding by 30 June of the current year. The members of the Research Committee, chaired by the Vice Dean for Research, decide on their eligibility for funding at an October meeting of the current year. If the Research Committee approves your application, you will receive the research funding as from the 1 January of the following year. The funding is valid for one year.

The basic requirements for a positive assessment are a clear, scientifically-justified project plan and a connecting perspective. Establishing a method without a scientific issue, regardless of how interesting it may seem for the faculty, can not be supported with this instrument. It must also be clear from the application as to whether you are applying for junior or start-up funding, or for a rotation position. Applications submitted in parallel will not be considered. In addition, only one application per funding period can be submitted.

The following will not be assessed:

  • Late or incomplete applications
  • Applications that are resubmitted less than two years apart, if an external funding notice is not produced
  • Studies that are already completed
  • Identical projects can not be funded twice


Junior Applications

Guidelines junior applications
Application form for junior application

Applications for start-up funding

Guidelines start-up funding
Application form for start-up funding

Applications for research rotation positions

Guidelines research rotation positions
Application form for rotation positions