Over the past few years, the knowledge of molecular causes of malignant tumours has been substantially enhanced. The overriding aim of all participants in the profile area of Oncology is to develop specific prevention, diagnostic and treatment options for cancers and to continually improve the therapies for patients.

There are five main areas that are of primary importance:

  • well-founded diagnostics taking molecular markers into consideration
  • a high-quality, standardised and sustainable collection of clinically well characterised biomaterials such as blood, serum or tissue with a connection to the clinical cancer register
  • certified, competitive oncological care in all specialist disciplines that is compliant with guidelines
  • development of a systematic, oncological prevention programme
  • comprehensive clinic academic activities with the development of new treatments and the close networking of clinical research with fundamental research (application centred research)

In the Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) founded in 2008, physicians and scientists are already successfully implementing this concept. They directly translate new scientific developments and findings from fundamental research projects into clinical applications and optimise treatment options. In this way, patients are given prompt new, more effective treatments with fewer side effects.