E-Learning at the Faculty of Medicine

The E-Learning platform at the Faculty of Medicine makes it possible for students to use their own computer, for example, to examine a microscopic slide by zooming in and out, or to get ready for an examination skills course by viewing the examinations on a teaching video. Techniques that the students have learned in class, such as listening to heartbeats and respiration, can be practised and developed from home.

E-Learning is intended to be an extension to classroom teaching and can never be used as a substitute. Examination techniques, experiments and dissections can only be performed and learned in practice. Students can use e-learning for themselves, in order to expand, understand and revise practical knowledge that they have acquired. Teachers use it to prepare for lectures, to free up time in classroom teaching and as an opportunity for students to test their own level of knowledge.

All students of Medicine and Dentistry at Kiel University and students of the Hospital Management Degree Programme, but also the lecturers can access the e-learning services available for their courses. Since 2012 it has been made available via Kiel University's central study platform - OpenOLAT.