Haus der Lehre

Practical training to stitch a wound    Suture course
Photos: F. Siemers, Copyright: MF (CAU)

The "Haus der Lehre" (House of Teaching) of the Faculty of Medicine was opened in 2007 at the Kiel Campus of the UKSH. It is the central starting point for all students of Medicine from the 5th semester to the practical year. Most employees in the Dean’s Office of Education are also located here.

Lecturers who wish to use the rooms here for their courses are welcome, as are students who want to use the rooms for study purposes. The house also offers numerous seminars for medical students in the clinical part of studies.

The range on offer in the Haus der Lehre:

Curricular lessons

The 4 seminar rooms in the house are the venue for many curricular lectures from Emergency Medicine in the 5th semester to the Palliative Medicine course in the 10th semester. The 5 small group rooms are the venue for many practical courses distributed over the entire study, such as Emergency Medicine practicals or the Suture and Equipment Course. In addition, lecturers offer regular courses on medical communication skills.

Group workplaces

Students at the Faculty of Medicine can use the small group rooms outside of regular lessons to study, for group meetings (e.g. case history groups) or for revision purposes.  Study groups frequently meet here to prepare for the practical oral state examinations, as sufficient trolley beds and medical instruments are available here.

KiMed Skills Lab

In 2007, the Faculty of Medicine opened a training centre for medical skills in the Haus der Lehre. Without the pressure and performance stress of the often hectic clinic life, medical students at Kiel University can practise their medical skills on realistic models or in simulations with actors.


The OSCE (objective structured clinical examination) is a modern practical oral examination procedure, that is used in many German universities for practical assessments in medical studies. Three OSCEs are held per semester in the Haus der Lehre.

KiMed Train the Trainer

The Haus der Lehre offers regular further education courses in medical didactics (Train the Trainer) for young lecturers and those qualifying to teach at professorial level. Successful completion of the "KiMed - Train the Trainer: Junge Lehrende" course is a requirement for registering to qualify as a lecturer (Habilitation).