What is on offer?

Training is currently offered in the following skills:

  • Physical examination of the thorax, abdomen, musculoskeletal system, eye, ENT and recording of the neurological status (students carry out practice examinations on each other)
  • Digital rectal examination using an anatomical model
  • Inserting a bladder catheter (male and female) using an anatomical model
  • Direct ophthalmoscopy and diagnosis of different pathologies using an anatomical model
  • Otoscopy and diagnosis of different pathologies using an anatomical model
  • Rhinoscopy (on each other)
  • Audiometry and Cochlea Scan (on each other)
  • Breast examination using an anatomical model
  • Suture and tying off techniques using anatomical models
  • Punctures using models
  • Application of a plaster cast (currently only offered as a curricular subject)
  • Emergency care using simulators 
  • Anaesthesia - Simulator training (in the Simulation OP)
  • Carrying out a doctor-patient consultation (currently only offered as a curricular subject)
  • A sonography course is currently being planned


Individual practice outside of lessons (in German)

You can also practise skills that you wish to develop in a relaxed setting outside of the classroom in the Skills Lab. Talk to us to arrange an appointment. Contact


The Skills Lab rooms an d also the Simulation OP are located in the Haus der Lehre, Feldstraße 10-12.

In addition, there are special opportunities to practise skills acquired during the Introduction to Clinical Medicine course (EKM-Praktikum) in parallel to practical work. These practice sessions are available in the practical rooms in the Institute of Physiology during the summer semester (you must register for this).

E-Learning courses for medical skills in OpenOLAT

The learning of and training in skills are supported by e-learning modules in OpenOLAT (see OpenOLAT courses "Skills Lab" and the "EKM" courses). In OpenOLAT, how to perform examination techniques are demonstrated in videos or photos, supplemented by anatomical and physiological fundamentals and virtual cases with typical situations, in which these skills can be used. For more information please see KliFO - Klinische Fertigkeiten online (Clinical Skills Online).

We welcome your suggestions

If you are a student or a member of staff at the faculty, we welcome your suggestions and recommendations with regard to training in other skills. Please contact us. Contact