Other Degree Programmes

In addition to medicine and dentistry, there are several other degree programmes you can apply to at the Faculty of Medicine at Kiel University:

Bachelor's/Master's in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

The BA/MA in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology degree programme is jointly organised by the Faculties of Natural Sciences and of Medicine. It is suitable for anyone who is interested in understanding life from the level of micro-organisms up to human beings at a molecular level.

In the bachelor's degree programme, you are taught both theoretical and practical undergraduate level courses in biology, chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology. The Bachelor of Science degree qualifies you for a large range of professions outside of the university, from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, medical research to public sector organisations, investigation offices and environmental protection authorities. Or you can continue your education with a Master's Degree Programme in the field of Life Sciences.

The Master's Degree Programme builds on the Bachelor's degree in Life Sciences and addresses current findings, modern investigative methods and upcoming issues in all fields within Life Sciences with a greater focus on research. The degree programme in Kiel offers you a broad range of modules from the Faculties of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences and especially the Faculty of Medicine, providing you with a large number of choices for individual specialisation.

Medical biochemical focused research is a focal point of the degree programme, but it also covers the topics of biochemistry and biotechnology in plants and micro-organisms, right up to pharmaceutical and biological chemistry.

Certificate in Sexual Medicine

The degree programme is suitable for students of Medicine, Law, Education and Biology in addition to being a minor subject for Psychology students.

More information on the certificate in sexual medicine can be found here.

Postgraduate training programme in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

The training programme to achieve the licence to practise Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy is aimed at psychologists with a Diploma qualification or a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Psychology, at doctors with a licence to practice, at educators with a Diploma qualification or a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Education Science, as well as at social education specialists with similar qualifications.

The programme covers the introductory basics in scientifically recognised psychotherapeutic procedures. It also includes advanced training in behaviour therapy for children and adolescents.

The first training group started in May 2016.
More information on the training programme in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy can be found here