Peer Teaching

Docendo discimus - By teaching, we learn

This is one of the reasons that our faculty supports peer teaching programmes, where students teach their fellow students. These programmes not only benefit the peer mentors but also the other students who learn in a relaxed study atmosphere from peer teachers who closely relate to the students' specific problems and questions.

In the "Medical Skills" tutor programme students are regularly trained to teach practical skills to their peers. The tutor training covers both clinical skills and also how to teach them.

The case history groups are a student initiative in the Faculty of Medicine. Tutors organise weekly meetings to learn and practise taking case histories with patients.

The case history group tutors are supervised by Dr. Gundula Körber (Zentrum für Integrative Psychiatrie, ZIP - Centre for Integrative Psychiatry). The faculty also provides support for tutor training by the bundesweite Anamnesegruppen-Netzwerk (national case history groups network). You can register with a case history group at the start of each semester. Look out for notices, emails or register directly: